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Monday, August 29

August 29, 2011

Violence in Literature: Today we took a short quiz on Lord of the Flies and began discussing the use of violence in this novel. We also touched briefly on the life of William Golding (there was a handout of some of his career highlights) and on the philosophy of utilitarianism, which will come back to us at various points throughout this course (and others). No homework.

Writing for the Radio: Today, you reported your listening from over the weekend. We then listened to two pieces of fiction on the radio (Laika’s Dream from Studio 360 and Fred and Barney from This American Life) followed by a brief discussion. Your first assignment is to write a 2 – 3 minute fictional piece for the radio, using an existing character in an unexpected way. Please come on Wednesday with an idea or the beginning of a draft and be prepared to spend up to 30 minutes working on these in class.

Writer’s Improv: Went over the syllabus, assigned course notebooks, and did our first improv/writing assignment. Nice job everyone!

BatCat Press: Today we talked about the website, came up with a new evaluation sheet, and started working on some new handmades. We will continue working on these on Wednesday. Submissions to evaluate will also be available by Wednesday.

History of Horror: Went over the syllabus, watched the first five minutes of “Scream,” and began compiling our list of Stuff That Scares Us. Coming in at #1: Loneliness/being alone (both physical and mental).

Survey: Fiction: Today we went over the syllabus and took a pre-test. There is no homework for Wednesday. Please remember to have your syllabus slip signed and bring in a dedicated class notebook by… next Wednesday. Forgot that we don’t have class on Monday!

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