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Tuesday, April 24

April 24, 2012

Mixed Workshop: Today: McConnell. Thursday: we start Rotation 4. I gave out hard copies of the pieces that had been posted to the blog this morning (hopefully there will be more). For Thursday: responses to Shamp, Jones and Flowers, please.

Remember (and this goes for every class): if you miss class for whatever reason, it is still your responsibility to keep track of what’s going on. In no class is that easier to do than in workshop, so make sure it’s getting done.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Owen. You currently have in your possession Taylor, Kate, Sydney, and Robin’s Round 3 stories. We will workshop Kate and Sydney on Thursday. Robin and Taylor will be workshopped on Tuesday (and there may be a third story distributed on Thursday as well). Please please please keep up to date on your comments and annotations — we are behind due to all of the stuff that’s been happening lately. Also, if you have not been in class due to LI or PSSAs or whatever, it’s still your responsibility to a) post comments and b) show me your annotations, otherwise you will not get those points!

The Siren: Tallied up the bus survey results and assigned three stories. It would be nice to have the first two completed by the end of the block Thursday; the bus safety one may take a little longer. Anyone who has any other copy for the May edition, we’re going to need to deal with it on Thursday as well.

The Daily Prompt: Today we had a little reading and your notebooks were checked. 5 new entries are due on Tuesday. Please note: if you are absent or being pulled for LI, it is still your responsibility to bring your notebook to me so that I can check it.

Reading for Writers: Today you had some time to finish up Response 10 for Breakfast, and then we started watching the film. We will finish watching it on Thursday (hopefully). You have until Tuesday to finish the response (if you didn’t finish it in class, it’s homework — you can take your notebook home or finish it on a separate piece of paper and staple it in).

Survey: CNF: Test today. No assignment for Thursday, but remember, your edits of the Welling biographical sketches are due next Tuesday, May 1.

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