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Friday, April 27

April 30, 2012

Pulp: No class to speak of today because of the Special Olympics/LI.

Genre editors: I want your final selections for the release readings by next Friday, if you haven’t given them to me already.

It should be said, now that the journal is off to the printer’s, that this version of pulp. was by far the most painless yet released. For that, a sincere thank you to everyone involved.

Critical Reading: Today we went over the Foucault excerpt in class and tried to pick out what he was actually saying. Then a few notes were given on Bentham’s Panopticon, which basically served as the inspiration for Foucault’s work. We also generated a list of different kinds of surveillance that one might encounter in everyday life — the list was alarmingly lengthy.

Your homework for next week is to a) read the excerpt from Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (handed out in class; copies are in the box for those absent) and b) pay attention to the methods of surveillance that are on the list (and others, if applicable). Wherever you happen to find yourself in the next week, look around and see if and how you’re being observed or watched. Come back ready to share your experience.

BatCat Press: Continued to work.

Happily Ever After 2:
Happily Ever After 3: 
Happily Ever After 4: 

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