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Tuesday, May 1

May 2, 2012

Mixed Workshop: Today: Shamp, Jones, Flowers. Thursday: McConnell and McInerney. Have responses to Andrasko and Dushack for Thursday as well. Hoping we can get the majority of this rotation workshopped before the festival.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Taylor, Alyx, and Robin. Please have Jane and both Madisons ready for Thursday. Allie and Libby will go on Tuesday. Thursday I’ll be telling you what piece to revise for the final round — please remind me to do this!

The Siren: Last chance for any missing May copy at the beginning of class Thursday. We’re close. Papers will hopefully go out next Tuesday.

The Daily Prompt: Today we had the biggest class we’ve had in a long time! Very good reading. 5 new entries are due on Tuesday, and we will do something in class on Thursday.

Reading for Writers: We finished Breakfast and the final response for it was distributed and can be found here: Reading for Writers – Breakfast Response 11. Decided not to assign a paper or project this time around, so please make sure your response is good! We will start a new book on Thursday.

Survey: CNF: Today we finished a game that highlighted the similarities between fiction and CNF. Hopefully you learned 1) that some of your classmates are good liars and that 2) whatever the differences between fiction and CNF, they are both, fundamentally, about story. A few months back, some of you had difficulty telling a true story that was actually an entertaining story. Now you all can. I call that progress.

I also handed back the rest of the “What If” essays, reading a few of them. Then we brainstormed a list of things you felt that people your age should know how to be able to do. This was a prelude to reading L. Rust Hill’s essay “How To Eat An Ice Cream Cone,” which I handed out as well.

For next Tuesday (the next time we’ll have this class; Mrs. Kennedy will be here Thursday and then Friday is MORP), I want you to have read this essay. I also want to you to choose one “How to” from our list and write about it as follows:

a. Begin with an introduction. Moment or riff, your choice. Just make it interesting!
b. Follow that up with three directions. For each direction, which I want you to bold, I want you to come up with a moment that illustrates it.
For example: if my essay was title, “How To Dress Yourself Respectfully,” my first direction might be:

1. Cover all that which should be covered. Reach your hand around your back, to the waistband of your jeans. Give them a tug. Then give them an extra tug, just to be sure. If your shoulders are uncovered, grab a blanket off your bed and drape it across them. Wear a hat. Then look in the mirror. Anything that’s still showing, cover it it with duct tape.

If that seems a little extreme, consider a real-life example I have witnessed: a girl who was dropped off at school so scantily-clad that the prinicipal chased her father’s truck down the block to demand an explanation.

c. Finally, a conclusion, if you think one is needed. Just make it a conclusion and not a summation.

These are due Tuesday, May 8.

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