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Tuesday, May 8

May 9, 2012

Mixed Workshop: Today: Andrasko + Dushack. Thursday: Emanuel and Eichenlaub. Have responses for Eichenlaub for Thursday, please. And plan on a possible workshop during Block 2 on Friday so that we can finish the fourth rotation. (That means it’s likely I’ll want responses to Karenbauer, Barber and Lauridia by Friday, as well. So if you wanna work ahead…)

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Allie and Libby. We’ll do Madi R on Thursday and then THAT IS IT for round 3. Round 4 is a revision round — you should know what/when you’re due. Check with me if you don’t.

The Siren: Today we took a practice test in which everyone had to sift through imaginary interviews, find the most newsworthy information, and write a short new story (on “deadline”) that led with the most pertinent info. Everyone did OK, but remember: no fluffy leads. Don’t mess around in a news story: get right to the most important stuff.

This was a pratice because I anticipate doing it again, for real. Soon.

The Daily Prompt: Notebooks were checked! We had a reading! It was great!

Reading for Writers: Today we got the next section of Big Fish and a new response: Reading for Writers – Big Fish Response 12.

Survey: CNF: Today we turned in the “How To” essays and read a few aloud. Some funny stuff. Nice job, everyone.

Then we gave back the tests from a couple of weeks ago. They were very good indeed. Nice job, again!

Then we talked about the next assignment: picking one of the following essays we have tried this semester:

1. Personal experience (including What If? and How-To essays)
2. Biographical sketch
3. Sense of place
4. Opinion
5. Slice of history. (We haven’t actually tried this yet, but I’ll address this on Thursday.)

Know which type you’re going to try on Thursday. And remember the word “caveat.”

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