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Thursday, May 10

May 10, 2012

Mixed Workshop: Today: Emanuel and Eichenlaub. Tomorrow (if possible, during block 2), Karenbauer. Please have that response ready then. We will try to spend half the block workshopping with however many folks we can gather.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Madi. Maria and Owen’s revisions were handed out and we will go over them on Tuesday (you still need to do comments as usual!).

The Siren: Make sure I have permission slips for Kennywood by Monday, please.

BatCat Press: WORK.

Reading for Writers: The next section of the book was handed out as well as this response for the one that was to be read for today: Reading for Writers – Big Fish Response 13

Survey: CNF: Today we read a short excerpt from Henry Louis Gates’s Colored People, which is a good example of both a sense of place essay and a historical essay as well. Then we tried writing a mini-historical essay ourselves in class.

There will be no CNF next week. Mrs. Kennedy will be here Tuesday; the pulp./BatCat release will be Thursday. So we won’t meet again until Tuesday the 22nd. On that date, I want you to have:

1. A typewritten version of your mini-historical essay — either as a hard copy or posted to the blog.
2. Your “repeat” essay — where you choose one of the types of essay we have done this semester (personal experience, including what if? and how-to; biographical sketch; sense of place; opinion; or slice of history.

And remember: portfolio reviews will occur for all first-year students during the last week of school. More details to follow.

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