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Monday, June 4

June 4, 2012

WWTWWT: Final exam. If you didn’t take it today, you must take it tomorrow, during first block if at all possible.

That’s all, folks. I have enjoyed teaching this class and I hope everyone takes away a little something from it (and that that is not a loathing of philosophy).

Narrative Studies:

Film Studies: Today we turned in the final papers. Again, if you were absent today, you must turn in your paper tomorrow.

Then we watched the 1986 film Armed and Dangerous, and tried to analyze the two hero’s journeys in it. Overall, people did quite well, which leads me to believe I may be able to enhance (ruin) your movie watching experiences far into the future.

BatCat Press:

Classic Comics: Final exam. If you weren’t here today, you take it Tuesday. Again, that’s a wrap.

Survey: Screenwriting: Portfolio reviews. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Meet in Black Box. Run playwriting scenes.

Wednesday: Reviews: Barber, Shaffer, Peterson, Fox, Holness, Kozar.

Thursday: Reviews: McClintock, Holley, Hathaway, Cobb, Popps, Ree.

That’ll do it!

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