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Friday, June 8

June 8, 2012

Thank you all for a fantastic, consistently enjoyable, and in many, many important ways, successful year.

Seniors, we’ll save all the sappy stuff for tomorrow. But please know that the scrapbook and the hamster are the best collective gifts we have ever received. They will both be treasured forever. (Well, Minot will, if we ever find him again.)

A couple or three (or four) notes:

1. Try to check the blog for updates in the next week or so, at least. We will try to tie up any loose ends here, and give out any pertinent information

2. I am meeting with Mrs. Keeling Monday to finalize schedules (they’re basically done and have been done for a while, but we needed to iron out the staffing situations on the press, newspaper and journal).

3.You may be getting a package with any work that hasn’t been handed back yet. It depends on the class. If you were in WWT and Film Studies, you will definitely get stuff back; there may also be some odds and ends that we didn’t get a chance to return to you yet (like written workshop comments, for example). So we’ll see.

4. There is no assigned summer reading this year to speak of, just because of the nature of our fall classes. However, I should tell you that if you end up in Argument and Controversy, you should plan on taking a spin through Thomas Paine’s Common Sense over the summer — it will help you a lot! (If you don’t know or remember whether you are in this class, check Powerschool next week.)

For Argument people (or for those people who were in WWT), I also highly recommend the Arthur Leff essay I’ve been handing out the past couple of days: “Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural Law.”

Finally, don’t forget that you are always welcome to take a look at our all-time reading list, which is probably due for an update. Download the current version here. Read, read, read (and watch, watch, watch). It really works!

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