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Friday, Aug. 24

August 26, 2012

Sorry this one’s so late, folks.

Songwriting 101: We met up down in the studio with Mr. Cameron, went over the syllabus, and then you all got to hear, for no more than the 58th time, my lecture on how writers have to be content creators. Yippee.

Seriously, though, we’re looking forward to this classs as an opportunity to teach you some skills you can use (audio apps, especially) and give you a chance to work in — maybe — a new form. To the latter end, we brainstormed some song titles. Expect to get them back next week and to start creating words and (maybe) melodies for them!

Critical Reading: Today we went over the syllabus and took some notes on the 3 ways of evaluating a text: restatement, description, and interpretation. We also created an extensive list of different kinds of texts. Make sure that these notes are somewhere you can access them in the future.

Your homework is to apply the 3 different ways of evaluating to the following excerpt:
Mary had a little lamb,
its fleece was white as snow,
and everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.

Write out your restatement, description, and interpretation for next Friday and make sure that you can back up and justify your interpretation. Remember that you can go pretty far outside of the box, but must be able to explain your choices.

Act One: Class in the Cafe (until further notice). Today we reviewed the syllabus and I explained the options for this class –  that it may stay a yearlong course, three days a week, or that two of those days may be replaced by something CCBC-related next semester. Either way, we’re going to try to have at least one block free per week in the spring, in case we can get together with one of the Theatre Department’s R&P classes.

We did a reading of the David Ives one-act “Mere Mortals,” but didn’t have time to talk about it because there were a few schedule fixes that needed priority. That’s where we’ll pick things up on Monday. Please bring back your waivers so I can pass out books.

Press: Today I met with you in your individual groups to explain what your duties this year will be. No homework for Monday, but be thinking about your individual positions and what you should be preparing for. Come with ideas.

Survey: Fiction: Today we reviewed the syllabus for Fiction — please bring back your signed waivers Monday so we can pass out textbooks.

We spent most of the class playing a game that (hopefully) blurs the lines between fiction and nonfiction. The object was to come up with a true story so fantastic that some people wouldn’t believe it — or a false story that could absolutely have been true. Of course, you’ll be doing more of the latter in Fiction, but it’s a good reminder that the value of a story is often in how it’s told.

7th Grade: Please look for your copies of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. If you can’t find one, no problem, we’ll get you one. It would be great if you could bring them to class on Monday!

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