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Wednesday, September 5

September 5, 2012

pulp.: Visited the Media pulp. staff and heard some suggestions for this year’s theme. We’ll meet again Friday first block and sort through some of this stuff. We also need to get genre staffs assigned.

Bookbinding: Today there was a pulp meeting so we were down in numbers. Those of you who were in class got to go through the materials handout and then we started doing some measurement evaluation. Those of you who were not in class will get the same treatment on Monday, so please make sure to have read the materials handout.

Act One: Today we took a quiz on “Words, Words, Words” — more on that Friday — and worked with partners on our character card scenes.

BatCat Press: Pretty much everyone started working on the hardcover simple booklet today, and we’ll continue to do this on Friday — maybe even everyone will get done?

The first 10 submissions went out to the 1st readers. Please give them back to me when you are done (and pick up a new one). Hopefully we’ll have some to pass off to the 2nd readers on Friday.

1st Readers: Liam, Alyx, Sydney, Allison, Amber, Ashley, Bethany
2nd Readers: Zack, Sydni, Autumn, Danielle, Nicole, Rae

Stephen King: Today I gave you a packet with two stories: King’s “The Man in the Black Suit,” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown,” which helped inspire it. Please read them both for Monday — there could be a quiz.

We talked about depictions of Satan in literature and film, and identified several. Most of the ones we identified — at least recent ones, anyway — came not from horror, but from what we could call comedy: South Park, Adventure Time, Little Nicky, etc. (We could add to that such stuff as The Devil Wears Prada or the cult TV series God, The Devil and Bob.) I think there’s something significant in the number and style of these depictions, but that’s for next time. We were also treated to some online tips for selling your soul, thanks very much to Mr. Kraus.

We then watched “Escape Clause”

an episode of The Twilight Zone that deals with deals with the idea of dealing with the Devil. We had enough time to watch but not enough to discuss, which is fine — we’ll get to that next time as well. (And a question or two about it on Monday’s possible quiz might also be possible.)

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