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Tuesday, September 25

September 25, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: Shaffer and Holness. For Thursday: annotations for Roscoe.

Tentative plan to close out the rotation: on Thursday we will workshop Cavender and Andrasko. Next Tuesday: McClintock and Roscoe.

Your second rotation essays are due next Thursday, Oct. 4. Please have them posted to the blog before class begins. Earlier is always appreciated.

Screenwriting: Today was a work day. A beautiful, shining day of work. Guess what Thursday will be? Another shining, beautiful, magnificent work day. So bring stuff to work on. We’ll get back to workshop on Tuesday with Sydney and Zack’s second round screenplays (and treatments). These will be handed out on Thursday, so you could get them done in class.

The Siren: Worked over some copy for the first edition today. Also did some future planning: you should certainly be thinking about what you’re going to be doing for the next edition.

We hope to turn over all copy to the Media staff Thursday. That means anything we don’t have by the beginning of class Thursday, we do without.

In The Style Of: Today we read some of your Law and Order scripts aloud (good job mostly! Looking forward to reading them). If you were absent, make sure to get this to me as soon as possible.

The reading for Thursday is Jack Kerouac – if you were absent, copies are waiting for you in the box on my desk. Make sure you have notes ready.

Reading for Writers: Today I met with you individually regarding the stories that were due last week. If I did not get to you, we’ll meet on Thursday. You should be done reading “Toolbox” and finished outlining it as well at this point – if you aren’t, it is most definitely homework.

Survey: Poetry: Today we reviewed the three types of rhyme and the four major sound devices. I was pretty happy with the results, and am hoping this means everyone has a better grasp of these concepts.

We’ll have a quiz Thursday that will be much like what you did today: you will be asked to create (and identify)  examples of the three rhyme types and four sound devices. if you’re still unsure, re-read the first four pages of Chapter 5.

Meanwhile, we started reviewing meter. You guys scanned your first line of iambic pentameter. I’m so proud…

Read pages 86 and 87 in your textbook (the ones with the meter chart) for Thursday. Hopefully it will make a little more sense now.

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