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Thursday, October 4

October 4, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: Black. We gave out packets of second rotation essays. For Tuesday: annotations and comments for Cook and Turner.

Remember: the context of an essay can be important. That is, why did you choose to write it in the first place? Sometimes it’s because I told you to do it, or Ms. Mulye did, true — but it really starts with you. We give you the prompt, and then, very often, you think of the moment that starts you off and running. Find a place for that moment in your essay.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Ashley and Autumn. Zack, Sydney, and Savanna’s screenplays were all handed out. Please have all three ready to go on Tuesday – like I said in class, I’m not sure if we’re going to have time to workshop or not when we return, but we’ll play it by ear. Make sure that your website comments get posted in time!!!

The Siren: Today we sorted out assignments for the second edition. Copy is due to your editors by Oct. 16. Earlier would be preferable.

In the second half of class, we did a rewriting exercise using the AP style guide. I’ll post the original and corrected versions here tomorrow; hopefully this is a good example of not just how to fix style errors, but also of how to arrange the components of a news story properly.

Edit: Here are both the original version and the corrected version of the story we worked on in class. I added notes to the second story so you can get a sense of how and why this information needed to be rearranged.

Style: Today we talked quite a bit about Gertrude Stein. Get the notes and chat with a classmate if you were absent for whatever reason. Here’s the link to the poems we listened to in class:

Also, please feel free to Google the works of Cezanne and Picasso – their work may be relevant!

Remember that for this style, there are a few different ways you could approach your attempt, but the most beneficial would be to consider Stein’s investigation and experimentation of language. It’s mentioned in the biography that poetry is treated almost like a game or an activity in this case. Listening to the recordings should also help.

Reading for Writers: Today you got Response 6 (Reading for Writers – On Writing Response 6). 1 – 5 were completed and discussed in class. #6 is due next Thursday and you will have some time to work on Tuesday.

Survey: Poetry: Today we wrote poems in trochaic tetrameter, on, shall we say, a variety of topics.

On Tuesday we’ll take a quiz that will ask you to identify the two main feet (iambic and trochaic) and the three main line lengths (pentameter, tetrameter and trimeter). if you can count syllables and can remember the words and phrases that are naturally iambic and trochaic, you should be in.

7th Grade: Today we established some more rules of Pulpton and you each chose a specific setting within the town to write about – historical facts, owners, important events, etc. We’ll continue next week!

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