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Thursday, October 18

October 18, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: McClintock. For Tuesday: annotations and comments for Andrasko and Holness.

Next week will be a chance to get caught up (or work ahead)…so take it!

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Sydney and Sydni. Bethany’s work was handed out; we will workshop it on Tuesday.

Some information regarding the contest for Round 3 was also handed out. The parameters for your screenplays:
– Must be between 5 and 12 pages long.
– Must be a complete story (NOT an excerpt of a longer work).
– Must take place somewhere in the western PA region (or a non-specific location that could possibly be in this area, like a house or a store).
Read over the informative handout and start thinking of story ideas over the weekend. We will set the rotation for Round 3 on Tuesday after workshopping Bethany – the first due date will be Monday, Oct. 29. Somebody’s got to be first, so think very carefully about what you plan to do and see how efficient you can be.

The Siren: Brainstormed story ideas for November. Get ready to fold and staple Tuesday.

Style: Today we took some notes on Minot’s story. Here’s the board:

We are not having class next week, so the due date for your Minot imitation (or parody) is Tuesday, Oct. 30, the day before Halloween. My expectations are VERY high for these in terms of how closely you mimic the style – I’m actually not joking about this. If you can “rip” something apart, you better be able to do it yourself!

Reading for Writers: Today we discussed prompt 7. That is all!

Survey: Poetry: Today we took a scansion quiz. Then we went a handout on the rondeau, our next style of formal poetry.

We brainstormed lines of iambic tetrameter, and the winning line chosen was:

The child still yearned for those she killed.

You are going to turn this into a rondeau, which must be in iambic tetrameter but does not have to rhyme. It will look like this (I’ve filled in the first line and the two refrains for you):

1.The child still yearned for those she’d killed

9. The child still yearned

15. The child still yearned

Remember: you are allowed to alter the refrains a bit if you wish. (Example: “The child still yearns” or “Her mom still yearned.”) It just has to keep the same foot and meter.

These are due Tuesday. If you were absent and don’t understand the assignment, please ask!

7th Grade: Today you guys read for about 40 minutes and we did a limerick exercise. Sarah, you have your individual meeting with Mr. LeRoy on Monday! See you all next week!

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