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Wednesday, Oct. 31

October 31, 2012

Argument: Today we spent most of our time watching this segment of the “Eyes on the Prize” documentary, which hopefully provided some backstory to “Letter From Birmingham Jail”:

You are free to watch the last 15 minutes on your own, if you wish.

We began reviewing your homework, which we will continue Monday as we finish “Letter” and review for the midterm, which will probably be Wednesday.

Bookbinding: Continuation of project.

Act I: Today we ran some of the “bell scenario” one-acts. There were four that seemed to be ready for cold readings, so we gave them a shot. Nice job to all who wrote and participated.

We discussed the reasons these plays worked. Common themes: use of humor, realistic dialogue, focusing on a promising gimmick (the letter). Keep that stuff in mind.

Bring your “celebrity death scenario” stuff with you on Friday — that is what I want you to begin working on during class.

BatCat Press: Continue reading submissions in your spare time.

Stephen King: Today, in honor of Halloween, we watched one of the all-time great Twilight Zone episodes: “Living Doll”

“My name is Talky Tina, and I want you to know that this wasn’t just a time-waster. We discussed the similarities between this episode and Pet Semetary (the focus on kids and kids’ stuff), and it’s likely we’ll reference them again before we’re done with this class.

“Oh, and if you haven’t finished Pet Semetary by Monday…you’ll be sorry.”

7th Grade Mythology:


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