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Friday, Nov. 9

November 9, 2012

Critical Reading: Today, you got an overview of the rest of the semester:
Each week we’ll be reading a different work from a theorist. We’ll be doing theorists from a variety of schools/areas. Make sure to take notes when we discuss them in class. At the end of the semester, in January, we’ll watch a film and you will have to use the work and ideas of one of the theorists we’ve studied to do an analysis and write a (serious) paper. So it is rather important to take notes from here on out.

So far we’ve discussed Saussure (Linguistics), and today we talked about the Structuralists, which is the theoretical school of thought he not only was a part of but basically initiated through his thoughts and writing on linguistics.

Last week we talked about Foucault a little bit, and today you got another piece from him, from Discipline and Punish. Read it for next week, as we will be discussing it as well as the post-structuralists. There will be some kind of “did you read it” quiz.

Songwriting: A great day. We wrote 2/3 of the lyrics for “Spork in the Road.” Download them here.

We need to finish this by next week. You can download the latest demo of “Spork” here. Listen and bring in ideas!

Act One: Review today for Wednesday’s midterm. You can download the review guide here. Download the style guide here — there will questions about it on the midterm. Also, read a copy of Shel Silverstein’s “No Skronking” here — there may be a question or three about it as well.

Please note:

1. If you were absent today, your celebrity death scenario one-act is due the next time I see you — Wednesday at latest. (Don’t forget…you can always email them to me. Like, now.)

2. If you were absent today, you will still be expected to take the midterm Wednesday. Because you’re reading this blog, right?

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a few notes on how to approach the beginning of a story (in medias res, exposition, and frame story were the terms you should have in your notes). Notebooks were collected, and you had the rest of the time to work on your flash fiction assignment, which is due next Friday, or study for you poetry exam, which is next week.

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