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Tuesday, Nov. 20

November 21, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: Shaffer and Patterson. For Tuesday: annotations and comments for Holness and Dushack.

I will tell you in advance that for next Thursday, we will need to have Cavender and Turner annotated and commented upon. Keystone testing is gonna hit us hard the week after next, so we need to get as many juniors workshopped as we can.

Screenwriting Workshop: Gave out copies of Shamp and Ree for next week.

The Siren: Today we got the paper out and the blog updated. Thanks to everyone for their help in making this happen.

We discussed assignments for the December and January issues. All copy for the December issue is due Tuesday, Dec. 4. I would like as much of the copy for January in by that date as well. We are going to have almost no time to put the January issue together when we return from Christmas break, so we need to get as much done beforehand as possible.

Style: Assignments due Tuesday if you didn’t turn them in today.

Reading for Writers: Today a new section of The Virgin Suicides was given out. You should have it read by next Tuesday.

Survey: Poetry: Today we began talking about external organizing devices — that is, those devices that help you organize a poem (usually a free verse poem) which you can see and/or hear. We found examples of these devices in the two poetry packets (Bejteman and Hayes).

The devices, all mentioned in Chapter 8, are (the relevant poem is listed alongside:

anaphora (“The Blue Seuss,” Hayes)

syntactical rhythms (created by anaphora — same as above)

nonrecurrent stanzas (“A Lincolnshire Church,” Betjeman)

shaped/concrete poetry

prose poetry (“It’s A Small World,” Hayes)

deliberate typography (“Wind In A Box,” Hayes)

I expect you to be able to identify these devices if there is a quiz on Tuesday. Which there probably will be.

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