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Thursday, Dec. 6

December 6, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: Turner and Andrasko. The schedule moving forward:

12/11: Annotations due: Cook + H. Jones + McClintock
Workshop: Cook + H. Jones

12/13: Annotations due: none
Workshop: McClintock + Pettigrew

12/18: Revisions due. Packets passed out and assignment given for responses over break.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Ashley and Rosemary. As you all should know by now, website comments need to be completed before class begins. This has been the rule since the beginning of the year and yes, typically I do check them before we start the workshop. Be responsible – do them ahead of time.

The Siren: No class due to rehearsal for tonight’s LAVA reading.

Style: Today we talked about the instruction manual. It’s pretty straightforward. For your manuals, which are due on Tuesday, be creative! Seriously. You can write an instruction manual for virtually anything – a physical act or something not physical, like “how to make a friend.” Try to give your manual a literary slant and have it work on more than one level. Humor is great, too. We decided that images (pictures or drawings) are essential to the form, so be sure to include some kind of visual.

Reading for Writers: Today was a work day. You should have the book finished and response 4 completed for Tuesday. We will discuss the response at the beginning of class and then will move on to figure out what we’ll be reading next.

Survey: Poetry: Today we reviewed denotation and connotation by filling out “context cards” for the following statements:

“What is she doing here?”

“I wish I had one of those”

“She really does try her best.”

Then I gave out the guidelines for the final project, which you can download here. If you were absent, we’ll review them next week.

Homework for Tuesday: create a character — with as much detail as you think necessary — which will become the persona you’re going to use for a persona poem. Please have it ready on a notecard or piece of paper that you can show me in class.

7th Grade: Today we did a “rose colored glasses” writing exercise and read for 1/2 hour.

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