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Friday, Dec. 7

December 7, 2012

Songwriting: Today most of us started a new song, provisionally titled “The Ballad of Lincoln Park.” Here’s what we have so far.

And here’s a rough musical sketch (the spoken opening and chorus, we think.)

Come back next week ready to add verses and stuff!

Critical Reading: Today we talked about Judith Butler’s ideas about gender and performativity. Hopefully you took some notes! Next week, we’ll be watching Hitchcock’s Rear Window. You will have to write a paper on the film using one of the theories we have discussed to interpret the film in a particular way. Details on the paper will be distributed next week. It’s worth noting that viewing the film and taking good notes will be key to writing a good paper, so if you know you’ll be absent next week, please borrow the DVD ahead of time so you can keep up-to-date.

For next Friday, think about what theory or theorist you found most interesting (don’t go for “easiest” – go for interest) so that you will be looking for the right things when you view the film.

Act I: Today was a work day. Your delusion one-acts are due Monday — typewritten and already printed out, please.

I gave out a new play by Tennessee Williams: “The Last of My Solid Gold Watches.” Please read it for Monday.

BatCat: The usual.

Survey: Fiction: Today we took notes on how to model a story as a power struggle using the conflict/crisis/resolution model. Get the notes from a classmate! There was an in-class writing exercise about equality in opposition; if you were absent, you are exempt (but be sure to get those notes!!). No homework for Monday.

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