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Tuesday, Dec. 11

December 11, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: Cook and Jones. All annotations should be in by now.

Thursday: McClintock and Pettigrew.
Tuesday: Revisions done and posted to the blog by the start of class.
Revision packets will be given out.
Thursday: TBD.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was a work day since most of you were in testing. Three screenplays were handed out: Kat, Bethany, and Sydney. Have all three ready for Thursday – Kat’s is a little short, but we’re doing it anyway. Remember that we want to get this stuff done before Christmas, so please come prepared.

Siren: Today there was a packet given out about the legal/ethical side of the news business. We took a survey — I’ll share the results Thursday.

For Thursday: read the first four pages of the packet. Do the quiz on the back page, and write a paragraph explaining your answer to one of the 10 questions. Have this answer ready to turn in. Do me a favor and just handwrite it if the alternative is to email me — I’d rather have them in hard copy form.

Style: Today you shared your instruction manuals – nice job, everyone. The reading for this week was handed out – it’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with an introduction. Read it and take notes for Thursday, as we will be discussing it then.

Just to preview the rest of the semester: yes, you will have an assignment over Christmas, which will be handed out on Tuesday. Then we only have three more class meetings in January. There will be one more writing assignment for January. This means that after today there are only 3 more reading opportunities. Most of you haven’t reached the required number, so make sure that you give it your best effort in the coming weeks.

Reading for Writers: Today we discussed the final response for The Virgin Suicides, and now we are finished with the novel. We cast and began reading the screenplay for the original The Producers and will continue the table read on Thursday. Hopefully we will finish with the script and be able to watch the film before Christmas.

Survey: Poetry: Today you wrote a persona poem, and we shared the results — some of them, anyway. Two takeaways:

1. The poems that worked the best were those in which the authors invested something in the characters\– that makes readers want to invest something in the poems, in turn — and used structure in ways that underscored the important ideas.

2. When you have a block of time and a chance to write, it’s best to write (and revise). No way of knowing when you’re gonna get that opportunity again.

A big part of becoming a professional writer is developing the discipline to write — not just when you feel like it, and not just when the subject is something that interests you. People who can write (and revise) when the circumstances might not be ideal have a chance to make some money writing. You will have the chance to learn this and/or apply it periodically while you’re here. Take advantage.

For Thursday. Re-read Chapter 10 and be ready for a quiz on it.

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