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Thursday, Dec. 13

December 13, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today: McClintock and Pettigrew. With that, we seem to have concluded the third round.

Your revisions are due Tuesday, on the blog, by the time class starts. (You can certainly post early…) Remember: you’re not helping yourself if you revise something that you know is close, and therefore will only require a little tinkering. I expect to see people choose an essay that clearly needs more than a couple of extra commas and a new line or two.

On Tuesday, I will assemble the packets and distribute them. There will be before and after copies of each essay, which you will use in creating your comments and annotations. It’s likely that for this revision round, we will use the hard copies as our primary source — I think it’s probably easier.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Kat and Bethany. You should also have done comments for Sydney, but we will start with hers on Tuesday. Savanna’s screenplay was handed out, and Zack’s will be handed out tomorrow, also for Tuesday.

We will be having a “Round” in January. Basically, I want to see one more thing from each of you: it can be another revision (especially if you’re one of those who wants to submit to the competition) or something entirely new. We probably won’t officially workshop these, though you will post them to the blog and others will read them. We’ll talk due dates on Tuesday.

Siren: Today you turned in your homework and we talked about libel law. Fun times, I know. But you have to know this stuff.

For Tuesday: read the next six pages in your packets (to page 147). Expect a quiz.

FYI: I updated the grades. Those people who are missing assignments, not doing homework, and bombing out the quizzes, in addition to contributing nothing during class, are going to see grades commensurate with this performance.

Style: Today we talked about Twas the Night and the introduction. Your notes were checked (if you were absent for whatever reason, get them to me ASAP), and you had the remainder of the time to work. There are two requirements for this one: you must write a poem (hopefully with the same rhyme scheme and narrative nature) and and introduction for it. Yes, it can be parody/satire/whatever, or it can be serious. Whatever you like. Don’t try to offend people.

Reading for Writers:

Survey: Poetry: Today I returned your “checklist” poems. We took a short quiz on material from chapter 10. And we began talking about elegies, reading a few along the way (there was a handout you need to get from me if you were absent).

Your assignment for Tuesday is to write an elegy of your own. Remember: an elegy doesn’t have to be:

1. about someone you knew. (Don’t try to write it about something that upsets you — that is not a sign of success. It just means you’re upset, and that probably the subject is too recent or painful to deal with. So don’t.)
2. about a person at all: it can be about something that has been lost. A place, or even an abstraction (inspiration? innocence?)
3. in any particular style, or any particular length.

It does, of course, need:

1. imagery (remember what we discussed today — be sure you don’t lose imagery midway through your poem!)
2. some type of structure (doesn’t just have to be repetition, either)
3. to be a poem about which you can answer the question “Who is talking here?”

Have it ready to turn in Tuesday.

7th Grade:

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