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Thursday, Dec. 20

December 21, 2012

CNF Workshop: Today your Christmas present was to turn in five comments on revisions: Shaffer and Black (which were assigned Tuesday), and then Holness, Jones and Cook. Because we got this done during class, there will be no assignment over the break (though of course you are welcome to work ahead).

When we return we will have five class meetings. That is enough time to workshop all the revisions if we can get at least three done each day, which should certainly be doable. We’ll start with Shaffer, Black and Holness on Thursday, Jan. 3

Screenwriting Workshop:

Siren: Today everyone got copy ready for January and discussed February’s edition. Nice job, editors! Nice job, those who turned in their copy on time!


Reading for Writers:

Survey: Poetry: Today we read our epistolary poems to Santa. Then we all jumped off the balcony. No, seriously…but that was a heavy bunch of letters. Made me glad I’m not Santa. (Spoiler alert.)

As a reward for all that heaviness, we watched the Twilight Zone Christmas episode “Night of the Meek,” featuring Art Carney of Honeymooners fame in one of his best roles.

No assignment over the break, but notecard final projects (and our final exam) when we return.

7th Grade:

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