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Thursday, January 10

January 10, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today: Turner, Patterson, McClintock. For tomorrow: Eichenlaub, Cavender and Pettigrew. I gave out before and after copies of Miss Eichenlaub’s revision. If you didn’t get one I will have you give your comment tomorrow at the beginning of our meeting. Please do your comment for Miss Cavender’s essay if you haven’t already.

When will we meet? Probably around 10:45, after I’ve had a chance to give the review for the Act One final. We’ll probably just meet in the cafe.

Screenwriting Workshop: Well… it’s over. Good workshop, everyone. Thanks for your hard work throughout the semester.

Siren: Final quiz. We’ll meet one day next week to give these back, and to begin the transition to a class-less (but hopefully not classless) second semester.

Style: Today letters were read, handed in, and we parted ways. Thanks for the awesome semester – it’s always tricky getting a new class off the ground, but you guys really put in the work and made this fall & winter a lot of fun! Great job. Remember that if you missed any of the writing assignments, you can still give them to me for partial credit, I just need to have them by tomorrow.

Reading for Writers: Today we finished watching The Producers (2005). You wrote up a quick response – what did you like/not like and why – and then we discussed it. Your responses were collected and that’s it!

Survey: Poetry: Presentations. Remember:

*Juniors need to give me their presentations Monday. (You will present them to the class Tuesday.)
*Juniors will take the final Monday during Block 4.
*So will anyone who hasn’t taken the final yet.
*I collected textbooks and poetry anthologies today. Bring them in when you are done with them — that is, after you’ve presented and taken the final.

7th Grade: Today we talked about personal essays and leads. You brainstormed a potential essay subject and filled out a leads worksheet. This is being graded.

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