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Tuesday, January 22

January 22, 2013

Poetry Workshop: Short meeting today. We began work on cover poems: you are to take the poem you brought into class — the one written by your poet of choice — and do a “cover” version of it. You may follow closely the original poem, keeping not only the theme but some some of the structure intact, or you may use the poem as a jumping off point for your own, radically different interpretation. I will expect you to bring both the original and your cover to class on Thursday.

If you need inspiration, check out these two versions of “My Favorite Things,” by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music:

and the famous (and fairly radical) reinterpretation by John Coltrane:

Or, if you wanna hear what it sounds like when you stay fairly faithful to the source material:

and then…

Fiction Workshop: Today we reviewed the website and comments protocol, as well as the first rotation order. Allison is due tomorrow and her hard copy will be handed out on Thursday. Thursday we will do another idea-generating… thing.

World Lit: No class because of reading rehearsal.

Daily Prompt: Today we had reading practice so, as the board said, notebooks will be checked on Thursday (4 entries due). We will also have a reading AND do a little activity on Thursday as well. You should definitely have a notebook/journal for class at this point; if you don’t, have one by Thursday.

Film Studies: Today we talked a bit more about what exactly “slapstick” is, and we watched another Buster Keaton short: “One Week.” You can see it here:

No homework!

Survey: CNF: We rehearsed a few readers today and you turned in your “You Can’t Kill The Rooster” homework, where you tried to interpret the theme. If you were absent, please give it to me Friday at the beginning of class.

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