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Friday, Jan. 25

January 25, 2013

pulp.: We started work today for real! We divided into genre staffs and began making our way through the packets.

Next Friday, the media staff would like to get headshots for the journal. The plan is to have Mr. Johnson do illustrations of half of our faces. We’ll report to the cafe and then to the studio.

Critical Reading: Reloaded: Today we stalled the review materials in hopes that attendance will be a little bit better next week. No homework.

Family Values: Today we watched an episode of what we might call the first real TV sitcom: The Goldbergs, which made the jump from radio drama to TV. It was created, written by, and starred Gertrude Berg as Molly Goldberg, the matriarch of a Jewish family living in New York City. The location isn’t surprising, considering that 1) New York was still, at the time, the center of the TV industry (that was about to change, however), and that 2) of the one million TV sets in America at the time of this show’s airing, in September 1949, more than 40 percent were in New York City.

After watching, we talked about the similarities of the plot to other, more modern shows — Molly is jealous of professional woman Natalie, and the attention her husband Jake pays to her, but in the end we learn that Natalie is no homewrecker, and is (presumably) reunited with her estranged husband. We also noted the absence of close-ups; the “three headed monster,” which is still the standard camera setup for TV, was yet to be pioneered.

Press: Please go online and look at submissions calls that other presses/journals have put out; we’ll talk more about where we’re going to go from here on Monday.

Survey: CNF No class today due to early dismissal.

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