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Wednesday, Feb. 13

February 13, 2013

Spongebob: Today, in the spirit of Jung, we did a mandala exercise to help pave the way for a discussion of some recent dreams. If you’re interested in learning more, here is the site we used for some inspiration.

(We also listened to Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. It’s famous as a piece of meditative music because of its repetitive structure. Choose from the London Symphony:

or the dubstep version:

Toward the end of class, we tried to identify ways in which we can differentiate between archetypes. A key, I think, is remembering what the archetypes are supposed to represent:

The Eternal Child: Represents innocence/goodness/simplicity, or the problems that such qualities can cause in a bitter, cyncial world.
The Fool: Represents our need to laugh at those who believe they are superior, as well as the need for simple comic relief.
The Shapeshifter: Represents our desire to change (in, perhaps a radical way — become a completely different person, or even an animal). Also a cautionary tale (everyone isn’t what they seem, or we might face punishment for our hubris).
The Sage: Represents our desire to believe that someone — young or old — has all the answers.
The Pleaser: Represents our desire to have someone protect us, or just be a(n uncomplicated, unquestioning) sidekick.
The Outsider: Represents our need to 1) know that other people are lonely and don’t fit in; 2) know that it’s possible to escape from this condition (the Lost Prince/ss evolution); know that it can be cool to be different or apart.

New Media: Today we talked about both the next assignment (due Monday, HARD COPY!! New Media 2.13 – Blog Project Proposal) and the agreement for the project as a whole (also needs to be handed in on Monday! New Media – The Blog Project Agreement).

Also think about what you might want your blog to be called (and what the address should be). We’ll be setting them up next week as long as everything goes as planned.

Family Values: Today we watched The Honeymooners episode “TV Or Not TV” from 1955. We used it to help answer our prompt (based on the “Suburban Home” essay), which we will go over Friday. I collected your notebooks and will give them back then.

We also talked about the ways in which The Honeymooners was a game-changing sitcom. Everything from The Flintstones to The Simpsons to Family Guy is a direct descendant of this show. We talked for a few minutes about some of the ways it was different than what we’ve seen before. However, since we are gonna watch at least one more episode Friday, we’ll pick that discussion up — and complete it — then.

BatCat: Today we started splitting up. Sharp Machines group: Alyx, Ashley, Sydney, Sydni, & Zack. Will continue on Friday.

7th Grade: Today: spelling bee #2. Quiz next week. And we did a story creation exercise in which we chose the location we’ll use for the next little bit: La La Land.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we finished watching Tootsie. A short informal response paper is due on Monday. Details here: Screenwriting 2.13 – Assignment 4 Tootsie Analysis. Typed or handwritten, doesn’t matter.

If you didn’t hand in the homework that was due today, make sure you get it to me ASAP.

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