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Friday, Feb. 15

February 17, 2013

Pulp: We are ahead of schedule, which is great — just keep working on annotations. We heard the projected timeline from the Media side and I think we should have no trouble meeting it if everyone keeps up the good work. The goal is to send out letters by the end of the month — that is, the Friday after next, it would be great to have all the letters ready to go out the following Monday.

Remember sponsorships! Really want to have those completed before Easter break.

Critical Reading Reloaded:

Family Values: Today we watched another episode of The Honeymooners from 1955, “Better Living Through TV.” Here’s the key scene: “But can it core a apple?”

We discussed this as the epitome of Ralph’s weakness for “get rich quick” schemes, which never work out.

Then we checked out this clip from the variety show Cavalcade of Stars, from 1951. It features another Gleason character, Reggie Van Gleason, a drunken, loudmouthed playboy who bears more than a passing similarity to Ralph Kramden:


Survey: CNF: Today we turned in the first essay. Then we took a quiz.

Then we read the opening of the memoir Colored People, by Henry Louis Gates, which functions as a nice example of a sense of place essay, which we are now going to try.

We said that every place in the world — whether it’s a city, a neighborhood, a business, a house, or even just a single room — has four things that we need to consider: a history (its own history, and your own history with it), a geography, a language, and characters.

For Tuesday, I had you pick a place, then list on an index card the four elements above that are particular to it. Then I had you write a moment about this place. It could be your most memorable moment in this place, or it could be a moment that seems to sum up for you what this place represents. The four characteristics and the moment are due at the beginning of class Tuesday. We’ll pick things up there; expect this essay to be due a week from Tuesday.

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