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Monday, February 25

February 25, 2013

Spongebob: Took a quiz. Added a new archetype: the Warrior. Examples: Batman, Dirty Harry, the Punisher. A character who does good from a sense of obligation, or perhaps for revenge. He/she does not whistle while they work, if you will — warriors are on the serious side. There are two types: the Avenger (all of the examples above) and the Defender.

Not these Defenders:


although, having identified the “naked guy” for you, I feel like this could be an extra credit question at least.

New Media: Today you wrote a response to the Carr article which was an assigned reading for today (the response could take any form as long as you were articulate and thoughtful). Then we “finished” the discussion about the first questions on the 7 great debates (a handout which I would still suggest you read).

The latter half of class was spent going over how to create your blog on WordPress. New Media 2.25 – Assignment 4 Blog Set Up This is your assignment for Monday — please read the assignment sheet carefully and make sure that you follow directions and address all points.

If you haven’t handed in your permission slip, I will be giving you a “0” for all blog-related assignments till the slip is signed. Once I get it, I’ll update your grades (as long as I get it in a timely manner). The sooner the better.

Family Values: Today we watched two epiosdes of Leave It To Beaver: “Wally’s Haircomb” and “Bachelor at Large”: (Sorry, no links for these.)

We saw once again that Ward and June Cleaver were surprisingly tolerant (especially Ward, in the first episode) and that they worked together to figure out how best to raise their sons — a bit of teamwork unusual in the sitcoms of the era. And we met Eddie Haskell, one of the most memorable characters in sitcom history. It is from Eddie that Wally and Beaver learn many of their important lessons — mostly by watching his schemes come apart in the end, despite his ability to schmooze.

Wednesday is the City Theatre workshop — no class that day.

BatCat Press: Today we continued working stuff for AWP and for Sharp Machines.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you worked in partnerships to go over your story ideas, which were then collected (this was Assignment 5). Here’s Assignment 6 – it is due next Monday: Screenwriting 2.25 – Assignment 6 Short Silent Screenplay

We looked at two documents in class. The first is a screenplay about a squirrel: Silent Script Squirrel and the second is the screenwriting handbook: Screenwriting – Handbook 2012. Use these are references as you work on Assignment 6. There is no homework for Wednesday.

7th Grade: Today we pitched ideas for a Scholastic “publish your own book” competition. The winners were, in fiction, Wit’s End, a Civil War-era tale, and, in nonfiction, Pitching an Idea, a meta-narrative if ever there was one. Be ready to work on these — the contest deadline is March 15. (And yes, this does count as a submission.)

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