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Thursday, Feb. 28

February 28, 2013

Poetry Workshop: Today: Patterson, Kline and Peterson. For Tuesday: Johnson, Holness and Fox (annotations and comments). For Thursday: Jones.

Next rotation poems are due on the blog by next Friday, March 8 at the start of school. The new rotation will begin the following Tuesday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Ashley. Allison was absent, so we’re holding her over till next week. Stories from Alyx and Victoria were handed out and are also due on Tuesday. Make sure you do your comments.

World Lit: Today we took a quiz on the two Gorky stories I assigned Tuesday. I gave out two handouts which are good summaries of what we’ve discussed to this point, in terms of both Russian history and Russian lit. I also gave out the final story, “The Revolutionist.” Read it for Tuesday.

Daily Prompt: Today we did some blackout poetry (if you were absent, there are packets in the box for you) which entailed taking a page of text and blacking out words in order to “sculpt” a poem. If you want this to count for an entry, rewrite your poems in your notebooks. Otherwise, 4 new entries are due on Tuesday.

Film Studies: Today we finished watching The Band Wagon. There is a response due Tuesday; choose one of the following topics:

1. Compare The Philadelphia Story to a modern romantic comedy (one made during your lifetime). Make note of similarities/differences (characters, plot, situation, use of physical/verbal comedy, etc.)

2. Analyze the use of music as a source of humor in the two Marx Bros. films we saw (Animal Crackers and Duck Soup) and The Band Wagon. How important is the music, and why do you think this is so?

3. Advances in technology led to differences in capturing sound and in editing film. Analyze the differences between the long, unbroken sequences of the Marx Bros. films and the more heavily-edited sequences of The Band Wagon.

4. Advances in technology made possible an epic like The Band Wagon — in terms of big budgets, big casts, elaborate sets, musical numbers, etc. Advances in technology were also responsible for a groundbreaking comedy released last year, Ted — in which a CGI character shared the screen with live actors. If you saw Ted, you can choose this prompt and analyze the pros and cons of how technology affects comedy in both The Band Wagon and Ted.

Remember — a page is fine, type- or handwritten. Please have it ready to turn in at the start of class Tuesday.


7th Grade:

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