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Friday, March 15

March 15, 2013

Pulp.: Sponsorships if you haven’t done so already!

Good job on all the annotations. We planned out the video for “PP” — plan on shooting it next month. If you’re on the journal staff or were in Songwriting last semester, you’re eligible.


Family Values: We watched this Andy Griffith episode from 1961: “Andy Saves Barney’s Morale”:

The episode is a good example of why Andy Griffith is a Pleaser archetype (for those of you in SpongeBob). It’s also an example of why the show wasn’t just a glorification of small-town America. Other than Andy (and maybe Opie), the people in Mayberry are, as Miss Jones put it, “like the people in every small town.” That is to say, most of them are nuts. Andy is the voice of reason, perpetually helping them to see (and fix) their mistakes. So just like Leave It To Beaver wasn’t the celebration of “Father Knows Best”-ness that a lot of people think, neither was The Andy Griffith Show a complete paean to rural living. When an outsider (read: city slicker) wasn’t present, they had plenty of problems on their own.

We talked about Nielsen ratings and advertising for the remainder of the class. I will cover those notes again in class next week, probably via handout.

BatCat Press:

Survey: CNF: Collected the opinion essays, and we read a few aloud. Then we read L. Rust Hill’s essay “How To Eat An Ice-Cream Cone’ (see me if you need a copy) and brainstormed “how to” ideas of our own. You came up with a lot — so many, in fact, that I am going to compile an edited list and give it to you next week.

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