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Tuesday, March 26

March 26, 2013

Poetry Workshop: Today: Kline. Tuesday: Dixon, Dean and Rearick.

All remaining annotations and comments for the third rotation were due today, so everything should be in by now. Your fourth rotation poem is due on the blog by the beginning of class Tuesday, April 2.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Sami and Liam. Shannon’s story was handed out and we’ll workshop it on Tuesday.

World Lit: Nice job on the tests! We will start the French literature part of this class next Tuesday.

Daily Prompt: Four new entries due next week. Since there’s no Thursday activity you can replace the entry that would have resulted from it with a prompt from the website.

Film Studies: Today we talked about your papers and we watched another episode of Monty Python. See you Tuesday.

Survey: Creative Nonfiction: Turned in your how-to essays and did a prompt based on experiences with your names. Some good stuff there! We’ll come back to these moments, so keep them handy. They tied in to “The Harvey Pekar Name Essay,” an essay in comic strip form (illustrated by the legendary R. Crumb). We’ll also revisit that format sometime after the break.

Remember: quiz on “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold” on Tuesday, April 2 — our first day back from break. What do I expect you to know about it? Among other things:

1. Who wrote it.
2. What was unusual about it, given that the author was trying to do a biographical sketch of Frank Sinatra?
3. How did the author get the information for his piece?
4. Sinatra has a memorable conflict in this essay. Who is it with, and what is it concerning?

Also on this quiz: the ethics material we covered a couple of weeks back. And there might be a question or three about “How To Eat An Ice-Cream Cone” (Who wrote it? What was the point?), and the Mike Daisey/Apple reporting scam material we talked about from NPR.

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