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Tuesday, April 2

April 2, 2013

Poetry Workshop: Today: Dixon, Dean and Rearick. Thursday: Jones. I will give out the poems for the fourth rotation then. Yours should already be posted on the blog (or sent to me, if you’re having blog issues).

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Shannon. The due dates for Round 4 are:

Wednesday, April 10: Zack (round 3) & Morgan (round 4)
Monday, April 15: Alyx & Ashley
Wednesday, April 17: Liam & Zack
Monday, April 22: Shannon & Sami
Wednesday, April 24: Bethany & Heaven
Monday, April 29: Jonnah & Victoria

Remember that if you’re due on a Wednesday, your workshop will be the following Tuesday. If you’re due on a Monday, your workshop will be that Thursday. Same as always.

Pulp Journal staff met today, which pre-empted World Lit. We’ll pick it back up on Thursday.

World Lit:

Daily Prompt: Notebook check, reading, and activity will all happen on Thursday.

Film Studies: Today we started watching Take the Money and Run (1969, Woody Allen). We’ll finish it on Thursday.

Survey: CNF: Today we had a quiz on “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” and CNF ethics. I gave out a chapter from Lee Gutkind’s You Can’t Make This Stuff Up that dealt with this essay and its signature moment, and then we listened to a short piece from NPR focusing on the author, Gay Talese.

Then I talked briefly about the four ways we gather information for a biographical sketch such as “Frank Sinatra…”:

1. Research (and plenty of it)
2. Interviewing the subject of your piece
3. Interviewing people close to the subject
4. Observing the subject in his natural habitat

I also gave out a handout with five interviewing Dos and Don’ts. Keep it: some of it will show up on a future quiz.

We are going to be doing a biographical sketch of Chris(topher) Enochs. Mr. Enochs is a history teacher here at Lincoln Park. He also has a background outside the school, in athletics. Your job is to research Mr. Enochs’s other career, and write down your findings on a piece of paper or notecard. (You don’t need a full bio; just a few interesting details.) This is homework for Friday.

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