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Wednesday, May 8

May 8, 2013

Spongebob: Today we:

1. reviewed the guidelines for the final project, which is due next Monday, May 13. To recap: three-page minimum; three archetypes included; must be typewritten; must have a separate, one-page analysis of your archetypes. I can’t accept it handwritten, nor without the analysis.
2. talked (more briefly than I would have liked) about Shakespeare’s core archetypes: the shapeshifter and the fool. We focused primarily on the first of these; Shakespeare used the idea of disguise in both comedy (Rosalind in As You Like It; Olivia in Twelfth Night; Portia in The Merchant of Venice — all women who disguise themselves as men) and tragedy (King Lear, with its multiple disguises; Othello, where the disguise is not physical, but involves a double-crossing Iago). Regarding the fool, we mentioned briefly the tradition of having characters play the “fool” overtly (even, as in Lear, being called by that name) to provide comic relief. Shakespeare’s fools, however, are often (as in Lear) deceptively wise. Here’s a good article from the New York Times about Shakespeare’s fools.
3. did a quick review of material for the final, which will be Monday, May 13. (If you have Keystones then, you can make up the final at a date TBD.) You should know:
a. the twelve major archetypes, as well as the variations on each. (I’ll probably provide a word bank.)
b. how to use these archetypes in analyzing a piece of short fiction, a la “A&P.”
c. some things about Jung. Who was he? What did he and Freud believe about dreams?
d. some related terminology: anima/animus; collective unconscious; hieros gamos; manadala; Shadow
e. the Joseph Campbell theory about the need for myth — separation, alienation, compensation — and be able to explain it.

New Media: Today we were missing quite a few people and so it was a work day. On Monday you’ll get the details on the “final project.” Please be sure that you’re keeping up with your blogs (the grade for this won’t be entered till the end of the semester, so make sure you’re doing it to avoid an 11th hour surprise).

Family Values: Today we watched two shows that brought the role of the female divorcee out of the proverbial closet:

The pilot of Maude, from 1972 (sorry I messed up the sequence), “Maude’s Problem”:

And then the pilot of One Day At A Time, from 1975. (Sorry, no link for this one.)

There was a handout that includes info about these two shows. Please read the Norman Lear box contained in the section about Good Times. We’ll discuss your responses to the shows from today on Friday.

BatCat: The usual.

Seventh Grade: Found stories/poems. I gave out the final spelling list. Final spelling bee next week!

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you handed in Assignment 10 (screenplay excerpt). If you did not hand it in for whatever reason, please do so as soon as possible. It is worth a lot.

The rest of the day was a work day. Please take note of the following:

– Montages will be collected on Monday. You will get points for doing them.
– If you want to present your montage and we have adequate time, you will get a few extra credit points.
– Next week we’ll be doing table reads. You will get points for participation (specifically, for allowing your screenplay to be read aloud).
– If you are absolutely against having your screenplay copied and distributed, you may present your montage instead to make up the points. Obviously, the montage will no longer be extra credit.
– If you do not want to do either the table read or the montage presentation, you will not receive participation points for next week.

Make sense? If you have questions, let me know. I will be making copies of the screenplays on Friday, so if you don’t want to share yours, you must let me know by the end of the day Thursday. If you want your screenplay included but didn’t hand it in today, you must get it to me by the end of the day Thursday. If your screenplay isn’t included because you handed it in too late, you won’t get participation points for the table read.

I know that’s a lot of little technicalities, but it’s a technical time of year. Again, let me know if you have questions.

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