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Tuesday, May 21

May 21, 2013

Poetry Workshop: Today we workshopped Fox, closing out Rotation 5. Then we passed out revision packets, containing Dean, Turner, Holness, Dixon and Rearick. Please respond with written comments for each of these revisions on Thursday.

Do NOT leave your comments on the blog (unless you want to print them out for class). You do NOT need to annotate the packet I gave you. All I want is a written response to each revision that addresses the following (probably in a well-written paragraph):

1. What is the effect of the additional material?
2. What is the effect of the subtracted material?
3. What questions do I still have? What suggestions would I make now?

Fiction Workshop: Today we went over the revisions from Zack and Heaven. Half the class was absent or testing. We have a lot to do on Thursday: Sami, Jonnah, Bethany, and Victoria. Please make sure that all four of these are ready to go (comments, annotations, etc, you know the drill).

World Lit: Shortened class. We discussed the homework: your Baudelaire/Rimbaud comparisons. I think you guys did a good job of picking up on a key difference: Baudelaire’s work tends to be more linear and traditional, while Rimbaud’s is much more impressionistic. The poem “Childhood” is an example; a series of seemingly unrelated snapshots that document impressions to set a (pretty melancholy) mood.

I made a point about the similarities between Rimbaud and the Impressionists, a school of painters who were (more or less) contemporaries of Rimbaud in the 1870s. A painting like this one (Monet’s Waterloo Bridge, from 1903)

has something to do with this difference. Look at those brushstrokes and the use of light to imply the image (instead of using an outline). Not a million miles from Rimbaud’s sketches of childhood.

I made this point as well: Rimbaud, like the Impressionists (and the Pop Artists and Beats of the 1950s, and the punks of the 1970s), knew the rulebook. He chose not to use it. The freedom that a Modernist like Rimbaud unleashed was one thing in the hands of people who also knew the rules and now had the choice to ignore them. It was quite another in the hands of those who never bothered to learn the rules in the first place. (There’s a funny clip from the mockumentary¬†Waiting for Guffman that illustrates this. I wish I could find it.)

Thursday we will review for the test. When will it be? TBA.

P.S. Late addition: I just realized I forgot to mention the choice of Verlaine poems I assigned: “It Weeps In My Heart” (277) or “The Sky Blue” (286). Brief response to either of those poems, comparing it to the work of Baudelaire/Rimbaud.

Daily Prompt: Notebooks were check and we had an in-class reading. Ring-ring. Ring-ring. Hellooooo?

We’ll do an activity on Thursday.

Film Studies: Today we finished watching Best in Show and talked a bit about it. A reading assignment was handed out for Thursday.

Survey: CNF: Today we reviewed for the final, which is Friday. Download the study guide here if you were absent (or need an extra copy). Remember: the handout on the Five Dos and Don’ts of interviewing will be included as well.

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