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For Screenwriting Workshop, Fall 2013

June 6, 2013

Just to level the playing field, here are the guidelines for Round 1 of screenwriting workshop in the fall. It would be in everyone’s best interests if you all worked on this over the summer and had this ready to go in the fall. Workshop due dates will be staggered, and the first screenplays will be due the second week of class. Also, here is the handbook: Screenwriting – Handbook 2012. Also, you are allowed to use celtx. It is awesome and you should definitely consider using it:

Screenwriting Workshop
Round 1 Guidelines

For the first round of this workshop, please write a 7 – 12 page short screenplay. You are expected to use proper screenplay formatting and must tell a complete story in your 7 – 12 pages.

– Keep the story contained. Remember that you have no more than 12 pages to establish a setting & characters, present a conflict, develop the characters, work through the conflict, and resolve the story, so it would be wise to keep the scope of the story focused and tight. It needs to have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

– You are allowed to use dialogue.

– Proofread and read your screenplay aloud ahead of time. Do not quickly write a first draft and submit it to the workshop – revise FIRST so that you know you are bringing the best work you possibly can to the table.

– You do not necessarily have to follow the rules of 3 act structure, but it is a good framework to reference.

– Remember that this is the first round of the semester – this is your first impression. It would be wise to make it a good one.

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