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Friday, September 9

September 9, 2013

This is going up late – sorry about that, everyone!

Songwriting: My bad on the late update. Today we reviewed your title/concept ideas for the four songs on Soundcloud.

Your assignment for next Friday: please pick one of your four ideas and write a chorus for it. This means having the chorus in written form, ready to hand in — not on your phone or computer. (If you don’t know where the chorus is, please ask me or Mr. Cameron.) Follow the melody that Mr. Cameron has provided. We’re probably talking about writing four or five lines, tops, so this ain’t working in the intellectual coal mines. Does it have to rhyme? That’s up to you.

Critical Reading: Last week we talked about the three primary ways to approach or evaluate a text: restate, describe, interpret. This week, we continued the discussion by looking specifically at the choices an author makes when creating a text: choice of content, choice of language, and choice of structure. Looking at these choices and analyzing them will help us to better evaluate the text. Hopefully you took notes – if you were absent or didn’t, make sure to get the notes from a classmate as there is no picture of the board.

We looked at two examples in class: a menu and an infographic. We discussed the choices that the “author” made in each case and noticed that the choices can have quite a significant effect on the reader and how the information in each text is interpreted.

Your homework was collected (the letter + restate/describe/interpret). If you did not do the homework, it is in your best interests to get it to me as soon as possible. I will reiterate that since this is a once-a-week class, doing all of the assignments is CRITICAL to getting a good grade. I will be enforcing the 20% off each day policy.

Your homework this week is to analyze a text. You were given two articles in class (see me if you need a copy). Choose one and analyze it, addressing each of the following points that we’ve discussed: restate the text, describe the text, interpret the text, look at the choice of content, look at the choice of language, and look at the choice of structure. You can write an informal paper or do bullet points (with complete sentences, of course) – I don’t care as long as it is clear that you’ve put a good deal of thought and effort into it.

See me if you have any questions.

Public Speaking: Today we rehearsed in groups for our debut readings next week. Remember: you are the drummer! That means you set the tempo onstage, and can adjust it as needed.

BatCat: <—–Did you do this?

8th Grade: Today we played the lying game. Winners will be announced next Fridat! Then we’ll do something with all those lies.

Survey: Today we did an in-class activity which started off with a recap of what we discussed this week. To recap the recap:

1. IMAGE: a word or phrase that evokes one or more of the 5 senses
2. ABSTRACTION: ideas, concepts, emotions, etc — words or phrases that represent the aforementioned and do not evoke the senses.
3. Use CONCRETE, SIGNIFICANT DETAILS to build images that are unique & purposeful – avoid CLICHE when possible.
4. Words have various CONNOTATIONS and the interpretation of an image may vary somewhat from reader to reader.

You were to choose one image (either written or drawn) from the activity and were to write a poem that featured your chosen image. These will be used for poetry next week.

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