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Friday, September 13

September 14, 2013

Reminders for those of you in Mr. Anderson’s classes:

Fiction Workshop:

We will resume the schedule for Workshop on Monday. Alyx, Jessica, and Danielle will be workshopped, so please bring your annotated copies and post your comments on the Blog if you have not already done so. Andrea and Nicole have their stories due that day as well.)


7/8 Lit Arts: Everything moves back one class. Thus, your flash fiction pieces are due on Monday. Please make sure they are typed and either emailed to or printed out and handed in at the beginning of class. (Note: I did receive a few stories by e-mail so far. Please understand that though these works are intended to be short, I still expect at least 250 words or a whole page double spaced. If your story is not that long, please make the appropriate changes by monday.)


Songwriting: Today we started matching up choruses to our four tracks. Then we talked about examples of great songwriting (“Eleanor Rigby”) and not-so-great songwriting (Crosby Stills & Nash’s “Pre-Road Downs”), as well as why they are what they are (great imagery or the lack thereof; the ability to determine who is speaking and to whom the song is addressed; no forced/lazy rhymes; etc.)

Two weeks from today, you need to have a finished set of lyrics to one of these four tracks. You can do this several different ways:

1. Keep working on the song you started today.
2. Choose a new song and start over, or try a new set of lyrics to the same song, if you don’t like how this one began.
3. Get a partner and work together on the lyrics. (A maximum of two writers per group, please.)

I expect these in written form, ready to turn in on Sept. 27.

Critical Reading: Today we started out by discussing your homework assignment in groups, then you shared your consensus with the whole group. Nice job, all, and don’t forget – if you didn’t do the homework, get it to me ASAP. Some of your grades are already looking pretty grim – now’s your chance to right the ship.

We spent rest of the block discussing “choice of content,” specifically examples. We looked at a variety of examples and discussed the different ways they could be used.

Homework: 1) Read the excerpt from Saussure. Make notes in the margins. This is a difficult reading assignment and I would expect you to spend at least an hour reading and annotating. 2) Complete the examples worksheet. Write a short paragraph analyzing each example (similar to our discussion in class). You may write out your analysis on the back of the worksheet or on a separate sheet of paper. Critical Reading 9.28.12 – Examples Homework

Please see me during the week if you have any questions.

Public Speaking: Today we voted on everyone’s topics of choice. We’ll share the results Monday. If you haven’t presented yet, you must do so Monday as well.

BatCat: What a day, what a world. Did you fill out your weekly report???

8th Grade: Lying game, MarK II. Prizes were awarded. We also did a “You Oughtta Know This” about gray and grey. For next week, we’ll start with one about who and whom, and when to use each term. Know the difference and you could win a prize!

Survey: Today we went over the yearly submission requirement. Here are the sites you may wish to check out: (see me for login info)

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