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Monday, Sept. 23

September 23, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today, Askew and Holley. Wednesday we finish the rotation with Poluha and Ree. Wednesday your second rotation pieces are due on the blog by the beginning of class. If you have questions or problems, PLEASE let me know prior to Wednesday morning.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Sara and Abby. Jillian’s screenplay is held over to Wednesday, and you got Kat B.’s, which is also for Wednesday. This will conclude Round 1.

As we discussed in class, our workshops this round have been quite good in terms of comments, but as far as the actual screenplays go, I think we can do better. Today we talked about what a scene is supposed to do – we noted that a lot of the scenes we saw this round seemed in place to give us information and little else. Scenes need to have a stronger, more dynamic purpose – change! They should follow a structure that echoes the larger structure of a story.

So there is an intermediate assignment: Write a scene that takes place in a BARN (interior or exterior, your choice), involves a RABBIT, and includes two characters named KELLY and PHIL. You get to decide on the conflict and the actual content of the scene, but you must focus on making it the most awesomely written scene possible. Focus on:
– Effective exposition, description, action
– Effective and realistic dialogue
– EXCELLENT formatting
– Interesting and dynamic conflict
– Good character intros
– And everything else good.

These are due by 7am on Monday, Sept. 30. We will be reading them in class. Post them to the blog.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Jonnah and Megan’s stories. We also set up the dates for round 2 of workshop. No homework for Wend.

Public Speaking: Today we heard the first round of poem recitations. If you didn’t go today, you’re going on Wednesday.

In the second half of class we talked about the three opening approaches preferred for TED presentations:

1. A (relevant and short) story/anecdote
2. A startling statement (maybe a statistic; maybe not)
3. A question that engages the audience. (For example: “When does it make sense to just let a sick person die?” or “Do you know many millionaires live here in Midland?”)

You can certainly combine approaches. For example: “Did you know that statistics show nearly half the students in this class will die before third block?”

Your job is to come up with the right approach for your talk, and we worked on these today.

On Wednesday, following our speakers, we will do what I hope will be the final round of repitching. Come ready if you want to improve your score. Then we’ll talk more about intros and how to develop an outline.

Press: The usual.

7/8 Lit Arts:  Today we worked on our Sci-Fi/Fantasy pieces, as well of going over 8 good ideas for revision. Everyone is to bring (or e-mail) a response to each of these ideas and how you will use them in revising your own flash fiction piece. If you have yet to hand a printed copy of your flash fiction, this your LAST CHANCE. I must have a copy before/by the start of class on Wend. If you are not able to do this, you will not be able to complete a revision and your grade will suffer dramatically. I spoke to these students directly in class today so there can be no more excuses.

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on Granny Weatherall and did an “automatic writing” exercise (prompt #5) in your notebook. Then we took a few notes on third person narrators and the stream of consciousness technique. Please get these notes from a classmate.

Homework: Read Miriam by Truman Capote (pg 66 in the Norton). There will be a quiz as usual.

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