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Friday, October 4

October 4, 2013

Songwriting: A pulp. meeting took up most of the block for most of the class today. However, we were still able to get a fair amount of work done on “I Like It Out.”

This song is set to Track #2 on the Soundcloud page. (To hear the chorus, go to 1:43 to 2:20 in the song.) We are trying to write three choruses of four lines each. Every line has a different subject, and each line with end with a spoken “I like it out” (or some variation thereof).

Here is the list of topics that the song will suggest are “better out”:

-Taking someone out (either on a date, knocking them out, or both!)
-Taking your brain out by being mummified
-Letting it all out (crying, having a breakdown, etc.)
-An exorcism (to get a demon out)
-Getting shanked and pulling the blade out
-Tuning someone out
-Coming out to a spouse
-Proudly displaying something — i.e. leaving it out — that some might find embarrassing (like 50 Shades of Grey)
-Foreigners (be careful, please)
-Breaking out of prison

Each person must write one chorus line as assigned below. Then you must pick one other subject from the list above and write a one-line chorus for it as well.

Andrasko — Breaking out of prison
Burton — Foreigners
Cavender — Underwear
Dixon — Getting shanked
Dushack — Letting it all out
Evans — Dogs
Fox — Mummification
Hromika — Exorcism
Johnson — 50 Shades
Kreitzburg — Taking someone out
McClintock — Tuning out
Patterson — Coming out
Peterson — Getting shanked
Pettigrew — Letting it all out
Ree — Exorcism
Shaffer — Underwear
Shamp — Foreigners
Turner — Taking someone out

So basically, your homework for next week involves writing two lines. Not a back-breaking assignment.

The lines should scan pretty closely to this: Na-na-na-NA-na-na-NA-na-na-NA-na-na-NA. That is, about 15 syllables each line, preferably with the stresses falling as marked. (The capital NAs.) This is why we study scansion, folks!

For example: “I hear you TALKing, blah-BLAH-blah-blah-BLAH-blah-blah-BLAH/I tuned you out

See me if you have questions — have these ready to go in written form next week!

Critical Reading: Today we didn’t have a lecture, but your homework from last week was collected and a new assignment was given, which is as follows:

Pick a print ad (must be in full-color – no photocopies) and rip. it. apart. Not literally, though – use this worksheet: Critical Reading 10.4.13 – Print Ad Analysis Worksheet. Be as specific and picky as you possibly can be – really read into every choice that was made in the making of the ad, and try to pick out what effect each choice has on the reader. Note that you only have to fill in the “interpret” column up to where the “subtext” section starts on page 3.

Due Friday, Oct. 11. If you were not in class due to absence or because of pulp, there is a packet waiting for you in the box on my desk.

Public Speaking: Today you turned in your outlines. Then we finished the third-round recitations. Then we watched three short TED videos for (among other things) a reminder of how simple visuals can help your talk:

Please bring materials Monday to work on your talk — that’s what we’re going to spend most of our time doing next week, so you should be prepared and ready to work. (What this means is: if there’s research or at least other published materials you could use to back up what your saying — and trust me, these things exist, no matter what kind of talk you’re planning to do — then you should find that stuff over the weekend, and at the very least, bring it in and print it out Monday morning. Whatever you are planning to talk about, someone has written about it, and it’s probably available for free online.) And if you were here but didn’t turn in an outline today, I strongly recommend that you do so Monday — not only are you losing points, but you’re also losing a chance to get help.

Press: The usual. Do your weekly reports!

8th Grade: A little exercise in representative democracy. Then we went over the uses of “who” and “whom.” Then I told you that anyone who can successfully answer 10 questions about “affect” and “effect” next week will win their very own Blow-Pop. So the rest is on you.

Survey: Did a in-class activity (cut ups/black out poetry thing) and then a scansion review.

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