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Monday, October 7

October 7, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today: Cavender and Kreitzburg. For Wednesday: the final two essays in the packet, Cianfarano and Ree.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we went over a couple more barn scenes. Rae and Jillian’s screenplays for round 2 were distributed and are due for Wednesday. PLEASE make sure that you are posting your round 2 pieces on time. Take note that when you are late, it does impact the grade.

Fiction Workshop:  Comments & Annotations due for Alyx and Nicole, who will be workshopped. Also we will discuss “A Long Way Down.” Please read through pg. 55. If you have not picked up a copy there are some on my “desk.” No writing response will be required, but we will have a discussion and I will take particular note of your participation this time.

Public Speaking: Work day today. I discussed outlines with maybe half of you. I’ll finish on Wednesday. Remember: we start with recitations then and then time to work.

Press: We are doing Handmade Arcade, Saturday December 7th. Mark your calendars. We are also staying late on Thursday – please let me know if you are or are not staying by Wednesday.

7/8 Lit Arts: For those of you who have not (this is almost everyone.) Hand in your Revised Flash Fiction as discussed at great length on the previous (Wend) post.

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today we started talking about second person and what that’s all about. There were a few minor notes, and everyone was here, so hooray! You got a prompt (#6) for Wednesday, which is to write a piece in second person using the lines you received as the opening and closing lines of your piece. Whatever it takes, people. ~500 word minimum, handwritten or typed.

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