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Thursday, October 18

October 18, 2013

Violence: Today we talked about the three main concepts we’ll be covering in the next unit: scapegoats, sacrifice and mob/crowd violence. All of these aspects are present in Faulkner’s “Dry September,” which we discussed after a short quiz. We brought up the possibility that there are at least two scapegoats in this story: Will Mayes, obviously, who is killed for a crime he almost certainly did not commit, but also Miss Minnie, who is ostracized by society as an “old maid,” and who may well have framed Will Mayes to get attention/revenge. Also remember that the weather plays an important role: there has been a drought, and people, it’s suggested, are getting crazy from the heat.

We read the traditional poem/song “John Barleycorn,” which describes a harvesting of barley in particularly graphic terms. Why this is, is something we’ll get into more on Tuesday. (It connects to our idea of sacrifices to the Pumpkin God.)

For Tuesday: read the V.S. Pritchett short story “The Scapegoat,” and be ready for a quiz.

Radio: First, there was a quiz on the reading assignment. If you were absent, you’ll be making this up on Tuesday.

Next, we defined a couple of things that are very relevant to your current project: logs and scripts. A log is an informal and approximate transcription of the audio you record that will act as a “map” that you can reference to quickly find clips. The script is a written transcription of all of the copy written for the piece as well as time codes for the audio that you will insert. You think of the written copy as the “riff” and the audio clips as the “moments,” if it helps.

The rest of the time was spent working on your projects.

Siren: Took an AP style quiz. Set a lineup for the bake sale.

Style: Today we talked about recaps and television criticism. It was a great conversation – thanks for your thoughts.

Your recaps are due on Tuesday.

Film Studies: Today your papers were collected and we discussed how the rest of the semester is going to go. Here are the guidelines for the responses: Spielberg 10.17.13 – Film Response Outline. The next film we watch will be Jurassic Park and your first response will be due for this film in about two weeks.

We discussed your thoughts on War of the Worlds. No homework! We’ll start JP on Tuesday.

8th Grade: Ghost stories, Part I. The Twilight Zone. Get ready for a “You Oughtta Know That!!” quiz next week.

Survey: Poetry: Today I collected your sonnets. We talked briefly about the rhyme royal and then onto the rondeau, a 15-line form, originated in France and with two refrains. You gotta write one for Tuesday, in iambic tetrameter. Use your plug-and-play guide to help you. And remember that you can use any of the first lines we suggested:

1. When Brian died, flowers did too
2. I raise my hands toward the sky
3. The bloody pools, they smell of death
4. Water leaving the heavy sky
5. Alone and dead, the shadows lie
6. In autumn, rain makes plaster leaves
7. Colored rain drenches the street
8. The sky gets dark with crowding clouds
9. The smile fades away with time
10. I yelled to Derek yesterday
11. (Of course this is the one that most people chose and I can’t read it from the picture I took on my phone — sorry!)

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