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Wednesday, October 23

October 23, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today we kicked off Round Three: Cunningham and Cavender. For Monday: annotations and comments please for the next three essays: Ree, Dean, Dixon.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Kozar and Sarah. Abby and Sara are for Monday. Here are the round 3 due dates:
Due Mon., November 4: Sara, Jillian
Due Wed., November 6: Sarah, Savannah
Due Wed., November 13: Allison, Kat
Due Mon., November 18: Christy, Morgan
Due Wed., November 20: Rae, Abby

This schedule will allow us to finish Round 3 BEFORE Thanksgiving, which is AWESOME. So please take note of your due date and hand your pieces in on time. Remember, there are no specific requirements, but you must have 5 new pages at an absolute minimum, and if you are adding on to something already workshopped, you must also revise the original.

Fiction Workshop:

Public Speaking: Practicing for next week midterms. Today you should have started to wean yourself off the written speech and transitioned to your card.


1. You DO NOT have to memorize your entire speech. That would be impossible and it’d sound insane, even if you could do it.
2. You DO have to structure your card so that it contains the info you can’t live without — your outline material most likely, the lines you don’t want to forget, maybe transitions.
3. You DO have to practice this outside class. If you don’t, it’s going to become clear pretty quickly.

Practice again on Friday, and we’ll be reviewing some last-minute pointers for next week.

Press: The usual.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today we talked a bit about workshops. These are still quite a long way away – next fall – but I wanted to talk about them for a few reasons. Remember that the work we’re doing this semester is relevant in the long-term, and also remember that our departmental community is not just here to have fun. As a member of the community, you’re also expected to take the work of your classmates seriously, as well as your own.

You exchanged the scenes you wrote for today and gave the author some feedback, specifically on the character they were focusing on developing. Prompt #10, to be written in your notebooks, is to take this feedback into consideration, take a step back, and evaluate your success (or lack of success) in conveying your character in the scene. What did you do well? What could you do to make it better? Why?

A short photocopied section on “Scene and Summary” was handed out and is to be read for Friday. The homework: identify 5 main points – important things – from the reading. In other words, what things are important to note when considering summary and scene, and using these techniques in your writing? You can either highlight on the copy or write the list separately. I’ll be checking to see that you’ve done one or the other on Friday and you will get points accordingly.

Friday is a review for the exam, which is happening on Monday. Here’s the review list: Survey Fiction 10.22.13 – Review List.

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