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Monday, October 28

October 28, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today: Ree and Dixon. (Remember, I want to finish our discussion about Miss Dixon’s essay on Wednesday.) For Wednesday: comments and annotations for Kreitzburg and Cianfarano.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Sara and Abby, which basically concludes Round 2. Please remember your due dates for Round 3 (the first of which is Monday). We’ll be watching a movie on Wednesday, but if you’d prefer to work on your screenplay while it is on, that is fine.

Fiction Workshop: Turn in essay (following guidelines handed out today) about “A Long Way Down.”

Public Speaking: The first six midterm presentations were today. Pretty good stuff. Remember: you oughtta be nervous — just about any public speaker is. Try to turn that nervousness into energy (which is all it really is) that you can use to pump up your performance.

Here’s the order from here on out. Everyone through #20 should be ready to present Wednesday.

7. Cavender
8. Turner
9. Holley
10. Andrasko
11. Holness
12. Minear
13. Kraus
14. Talbott
15. Vannoy
16. McCormick
17. Cianfarano
18. Freuden
19. Coe
20. Poluha

21. Patterson
22. McClintock
23. Crotty
24. Burton
25. Bullock
26. Hromika
27. Askew

Press: The usual.

7/8 Lit Arts: Finish “Animal Farm.” Write 2 paragraph or more response for the last four chapters. Please turn in any late responses you have not completed for partial credit.

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Midterm! No homework. If you were absent, you’ll make it up on Wednesday.

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