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Wednesday, Oct. 30

October 30, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today: Dean. I gave out new packets with the rest of the essays. For Monday: comments and annotations for Peterson and Kraus. We’ll start then with the two you turned in today: Kreitzburg and Cianfarano.

Screenwriting Workshop: Watched Citizen Kane. Will continue on Monday. Please remember your due dates.

Fiction Workshop:

Public Speaking: Midterms, take 2. Again, nice work today — just watch the time on these.

For Friday, it’s a pretty long list:

1. Turner
2. Holness
3. Minear
4. Vannoy
5. Cianfarano
6. Freuden
7. Coe
8. Poluha
9. Patterson
10. McClintock
11. Crotty
12. Burton
13. Bullock
14. Hromika
15. Askew

Given that we only did eight today — and that took up most of the block — it seems unlikely that we’ll get to everyone Friday. However, you do have to be ready to go if you haven’t gone yet.

Press: The usual.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today we played a game. It won’t happen again. At least not this one.

Please make sure to bring your notebooks on Monday! Thanks in advance.

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