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Monday, November 4

November 4, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today: Kreitzburg and Cianfarano. For Wednesday: annotations and comments for Fox and Jones.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we finished watching Citizen Kane. Sara and Jillian’s screenplays were handed out and will be workshopped on Wednesday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we had time in class to work on the Round 3 pieces. We will also use class Wednesday for this. I am looking for at minimum (please I do encourage you to do more) 3 characters and 2 iterations of each characters perspective. I also expect each of these iterations to be at least 2 pages – so the work will have to be 12 pages at the minimum. They are due on Monday, (though we won’t have class that day,) since you’ll all need time to print out the first two stories annotate them, and write comments for Wednesday.

Public Speaking: Midterms, cont. If you have not not gone yet, you are on the docket for Wednesday.

Press: The usual. Did you do your weekly report for last week…?

7/8 Lit Arts: Today we talked a little more about Animal Farm and the 5-Paragraph Essay. Please write your own unique analysis on “what went wrong”  in Animal Farm. It will be due next Wed, the 13th. Additionally, you have an option to hand in typed version of one of the personal essays we did in class (500 words) for extra credit. I will accept it up until (but not after) the 13th. I encourage all of you to do it as it will really boost your grades.

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today we continued discussing character, with definitions for flat character and stock character/caricature. Please make sure to get these from a classmate.

We went back to discussing round/dynamic characters, reiterating that the main types of characterization are narrator-based and action/image-based. To break down action/image further, these are the specific ways you can write about character in a “showing” fashion:
– Image/Description – what does the character look like in the physical sense?
– Dialogue/Voice – how does the character speak, and how does he/she interact with others?
– Action – how does the character act and react, and what kind of decisions does he/she make?
– Thought – how and what does the character think?

You wrote a quick new character sketch (for an entirely new character) and got a “discovery.” Your assignment for Wednesday is to write a scene in which your character makes this discovery. Your scene MUST include at least one instance of each of the specific kinds of action/image-based characterization listed above.

If you were absent, please take 10 minutes to write a character sketch and use one of the following discoveries:
– Your character has just discovered a giant sinkhole in his/her backyard.
– Your character has just discovered that his/her significant other has been hiding something big from him/her.
– Your character has just discovered a mouse in his/her bedroom.
– Your character has just discovered that he/she has been drafted to serve in the military.

We will be using these scenes in class on Wednesday so it is very important that you all have one! Please type. One page is adequate, more is welcome.

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