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Friday, November 8

November 8, 2013

Songwriting: I got the Dead Dog Blues. I got the Burnt Toast Blues. I got the No Milks Blues.

Cue pan pipes/bagpipes/kazoo solo.

Critical Reading: Today you took a quiz on the reading assignment and then did a super-fast research project on the topics we’ve been discussing since last week.

The reading assignment for this week is more Foucault, but this time it’s a packet that includes a short (~7 pg) biography of the man which is followed by an essay entitled “What is an Author?” You need to read both for next Friday. There will be a quiz of some sort – it may or may not be open-ended. If you wish to take notes as you read, you can get some extra credit for handing it in.

Public Speaking: Heard more midterms. Then we all filled out evaluations and discussed them briefly. Then I gave you two assignments for Wednesday:

1. Pick out a new poem. Any length, but it must be a published poem. Bring in a copy on Wednesday — I’ll be checking them.

****Please note: you DON’T have to have the poem memorized for Wednesday. We’ll practice then. My idea was to have the presentations on Friday instead.

2. Bring in a clean copy of your full midterm speech. (Not the one I annotated.) Bring the latest version. I’ll be collecting these.

Press: The usual. Remember, Handmade is Dec. 7.

8th Grade: Cultural Literacy Part I. We took a pre-quiz. Then we watched this video to remind us why we’re doing this:

For next week: read the first part of the handout from Panorama.

Survey: Poetry: We watched this video about Sir John Betjeman’s Britain.

The takeway — other than seeing where he lived and hearing his voice — is that a big part of his popularity was his defense of old things: tradition, architecture (churches especially), towns, etc.

Keep this in mind: next week I’ll be asking you to think of a place you know that has changed substantially over your lifetime (maybe for the better, maybe not).

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