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Wednesday, Nov. 13

November 13, 2013

CNF Workshop: Today: Kraus. Here’s a recap of the schedule for the rest of the rotation/month:

Mon. Nov. 18: Fox, Jones and maybe Holley
Wed. Nov. 20: Maybe Holley and McCormick. Fourth rotation essays due.
We will start the fourth rotation on Mon. Nov. 25. Wednesday the 27th is a half-day, so no workshop most likely. (It depends — we’ll see who’s here.)

It takes us about three-and-a-half weeks to get through a rotation. If that holds true, we should be done right before Christmas break. At the moment, I’m leaning toward having you turn in your revision (of one of your four essays) after Christmas break — probably Jan. 2 (which is a Thursday; our first day back to school). However, I’m giving you six weeks’ notice, at least — so if you don’t want this assignment to ruin your Christmas vacation, you should have plenty of time to get it done beforehand.

Obviously, the plan will be to workshop these revisions — hopefully, three or four per day — in the four class meetings we’ll have in January before the semester ends. However, testing is probably going to intrude on some of those dates, so we’ll have to do the best we can.

Screenwriting Workshop: Workshopped Sarah O. and Savannah. Allison’s was handed out for Monday, and I will hopefully get you a copy for Kat’s by the end of the week, also for Monday.

Please make sure you know your due dates!!

Fiction Workshop: Those of you who have not handed in your round 3 stories, please do so immediately. We will be workshopping Nicole and Jessica on Monday.

Public Speaking: Today we watched two more TED videos with an eye toward structure — specifically, post-openings. In this video about introversion and its benefits, the post-opening occurs about 3:30 into the talk:

And in this very short video, the post-opening happens so fast you almost miss it:

It’s really as simple as restating the title of the talk. Either way, post-openings are a necessary ingredient. They recap your game plan for the audience before you get into specifics (the body), making your talk easier to follow. Just as important, they summarize for you, the speaker, what you’re going to spend the next few minutes doing. Kind of like a mini-road map of sorts.

You practices your poems for the remainder of class. Reminders:

1. I want everyone ready to present on Friday.
2. I need a copy of the complete text you’re reading. (Almost all of you had these today, so just bring them back Friday.)
3. I also need your notecard/slip of paper/whatever. You can use up to 25 words to jog your memory. I’ll collect this card after you speak.
4. If you did not turn in the most recent hard copy of your speech today, it’s late. Bring it Friday!!

Press: The usual. December 7th!

7/8 Lit Arts:  Please bring a typed copy of your Goal/Place you want to go piece we worked on in class today. To the few of you who wanted to read “A Modest Proposal” (and write about it) for extra credit, please consider what you think the author might actually be trying to say with this piece, and how it might relate to Animal Farm.

7th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on Walter Mitty and Bullet in the Brain. Then we broke into groups and did a close analysis of the construction of one of the stories, which you handed in at the end of the block.

There is no homework for Friday.

Here is the link to the Sophomore/Junior poetry contest:

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