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Tuesday, Nov. 26

November 30, 2013

Violence: Today we watched King Lear. If you were absent, you’ll need a script, and we’ll have to figure out a way for you to watch it, soon — it’s pretty important.

We’ll be discussing Lear on Tuesday. Have Native Son read by Dec. 4 — there will be a reading quiz.

Radio: Work day.

Siren: Assembled and distributed November editions — thanks, everyone! December copy is due on Tumblr on Dec. 3.

Style: Work day.

Film Studies: No class today.

8th Grade: Quiz on classical mythology. Nice job, everyone!

2nd half: The Twilight Zone: “Back There.” We’ll be discussing this next week.

Survey: Poetry: Today you turned in your persona poems and we read a few aloud. We reviewed the difference between denotation and connotation, and you signed up for the poet of your choice for the notecard final project. I’ll try to have a sample next week to give you an idea of how things should go. We also talked about schedules — nice to see that several people will apparently get to take Bookbinding next semester.

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