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Friday, December 13

December 16, 2013

Songwriting: We finished “The Year That I Found Santa,” and Llama Team Two just about knocked out “Running.”

Critical Reading: Today we talked about the Butler essay, and then discussed the final paper. Here are the guidelines: Critical Reading 12.13.13 – Final Paper Assignment.

Public Speaking: I sat in on a few presentations and tried to offer a few suggestions. More of the same next week.

There will be an eighth recitation round. If you participate (it’s optional), I will use the score to drop your lowest recitation score. (If you just want to do it for practice, it won’t hurt your grade.)

This eighth round will take place on Wednesday. That is the only day it can happen. If you’re not here, you can’t participate. If you want to play, bring your stuff and be ready to go at the beginning of class.

BatCat Press: The usual.

8th Grade: Today we took the 13 Olympians quiz. Then we rewrote (and sang) some old holiday favorites.

Second half: The Twilight Zone — “Night of the Meek,” finally! See you in 2014!


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