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Thursday, Dec. 19

December 20, 2013

Violence: Today we gave out the packets of final projects. Your job is to:

1. Read through the packet.
2. Choose three pieces to respond to.
3. Write a response to each piece that a) tries to categorize the violent act or acts according to our four-part continuum, explaining your answers, and b) compares the violence to at least two works we have read/seen this semester — again, explaining the comparisons. Remember, saying that “The violence in this story reminds me of the violence in King Lear because both are the result of hubris” is only a partial answer. Explain what you mean. (You should all know this by now: is there a word I say more times each day than “Explain”?)

These three responses are due on our first day back — Thursday, Jan. 2. They can be type- or handwritten. (And if you get all crazy and wanna work ahead, you can expect that I’ll be assigning another two or three for the following week.)


Siren: Today we had a short class because of the pulp. meeting. In that time we talked about things we’ve done right so far — and there are several — and things we could do to improve. Everyone on staff has the following assignment for Thursday, Jan. 2:

In written form, please make at least one suggestion for how we could:

1. drive traffic to our Tumblr. A contest idea? A prize for certain numbers of followers? Guerilla marketing?
2. improve our coverage, especially of more challenging stories. Propose a more ambitious story!


Film Studies:

8th Grade: Today we took the Know Your Government quiz. Then we rewrote several popular Christmas songs, with spectacular results. (Usually)

Then we watched — finally — the complete version of the Christmas-themed Twilight Zone, “Night of the Meek.” Still think this was one of the best ones. See you in 2014!

Survey: Poetry: Notecard finals, part 2. Nice job, everyone.

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