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A note for CNF Workshop…

January 2, 2014

For Monday, responses to the following five essays are due: Jones Round 2, Cavender Round 1, Peterson Round 3, Kraus Round 1 and Dixon Round 2. I have made up “before” packets with the original drafts of each essay. if you haven’t received one yet, see me Friday. (You can always look up the essays, of course.)

You DO NOT have to annotate these essays. You DO have to compare the revision to the original and write your comment on the blog. The comment should address the following:

1. What has been added to this essay (including titles!), and what is the effect of the addition(s)? Try to focus on more substantial things than, say, tiny grammatical fixes.
2. What has been removed from this essay? Does its absence improve the essay, or does it raise new questions?
3. What further questions or suggestions do you have about this piece? Please refrain from the “It’s absolutely perfect” comment. Don’t nitpick, but even small suggestions can be welcome at this stage.

If you can’t get onto the blog to post comments, then handwritten comments are fine, as long as they follow the template above.

If you want to work ahead, you can tell what the next set of essays is going to be — the next three will be due Wednesday, and the following four or five the next Monday.

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